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Our Services

Research & Development


Looking for assistance to transition your idea from concept to reality? We can help.

Our team has experience in the initial design of systems, from process flow diagrams to sizing tanks and equipment. We know the latest and greatest technologies, and  practical and sustainable solutions within specific geographic regions.


We are experienced conducting the following bench-top lab studies:

  • Water Quality Testing

    • pH, conductivity, turbidity, nitrogen, free and total chlorine, color

  • Jar Tests for Polymer Dosing

  • Chlorine Evolution Rate Calculations for Electro-chemical Cells

  • Particle Size Distribution Analysis


We can assist with SOP Reviews and Updates, lab training and full-scale piloting projects.

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Implementation & Servicing

Need local partnering organizations in Asia, Africa or within the USA to help field test your technology? We've got you covered.  

We have field staff permanently stationed in East Africa and we work with teams around the globe to establish networks between researchers, manufacturers, municipalities, and public and private institutions.

We pre-screen and identify strategic partners, learn regulations around importing technologies in different areas, offer capacity building for in-country staff and provide technical, on-the-ground support, when required. 

We help identify maintenance requirements and ensure routine servicing of the technology. When things don't quite go according to plan, we help source local spare parts and replacements to ensure your technology is back up and running in a timely fashion.

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Markets & Business Models

Wondering about the best strategy to bring your product to scale?


We offer global and country level market analysis, depending on your specific needs. We scope out your competitors, offer market insights, calculate demand, provide a commercialization strategy and identify potential commercialization partners. In-country analyses are prepared using data collected from our field visits.

We prepare technology specific business models to help you infiltrate your market of choice as effectively as possible.

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Where We Work

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