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Duke University Center for WASH-AID -
Reinvent the Toilet Project


Triangle Environmental is providing design, development, and field implementation support to the Duke University Center for WASH-AID in their development of a toilet that converts human waste into burnable fuel, stored energy and disinfected, and non-potable water. Triangle Environmental has been heavily involved with installation and continued development of the test unit in Coimbatore, India.

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NC State - Pit Emptying Project

NC State is developing safer, more efficient pit emptying equipment for the developing world. A Triangle Environmental team member has been involved with the design, fabrication, and field implementation of these units (now known as the Flexcrevator and Flex-X) since their inception. Testing of these units has taken place over the past 4 years in South Africa, India, Malawi, and Zambia.  

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Biomass Controls - Biogenic Refinery


Triangle Environmental is providing service management support including the field installation of the Biogenic Refinery units (beginning in India), training of local personnel, quality control, and customer service. 

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Crane Engineering - Oystra     
Mobile Septage Treatment System

Triangle Environmental is supporting Crane Engineering on the development of a Mobile Septage Treatment System - a new sanitation technology that processes human fecal sludge into non-potable water for agricultural or industrial use.

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Triangle Environmental is also involved in other on-going projects focused in the WaSH sector. Please feel free to contact us for more information!
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