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Sustainability and Transparency

Triangle Environmental commits to being mindful of the impacts of our decisions and actions on others and our environment. This means causing no unnecessary harm, minimizing resource use and waste generation, and opting for sustainable alternatives wherever possible. Our commitment and actions are detailed below.  


Triangle Environmental is committed to the environment. This is evidenced not only in the products and services that we help create, but also by our daily practices and habits in the workspace. Our full Environmental Management System can be viewed here [link] or refer to the highlights below:

  • Our focus is on technologies to improve environmental health. From improving treatment processes of onsite sanitation to identifying and remedying community environmental issues, our work is carried out to protect people and the environment by reducing pollution.

  • We monitor our office electricity consumption and purchase Renewable Energy Credits to compensate for about 50% of that consumption.

  • We endeavor to reduce consumption and reuse and recycle. We have resources in place to ensure that our hazardous and electronic wastes are disposed of safely and responsibly.


Triangle Environmental is committed to community, at our headquarters in North Carolina, at our office in Cambodia and in the locations where our remote workers are based. Some highlights:

  • We publishing research with partners in academic journals.

  • We foster sanitation-networking by promoting Toilet Tuesdays and annual, global World Toilet Day events.

  • Our headquarters are available for use outside of business hours by vetted community groups for meetings and events.

  • We work with clients from a variety of sectors including  academic institutions,  private industry,  social enterprises, women owned businesses, and foreign businesses.


Triangle Environmental Health Initiative is a Limited Liability Company  wholly owned by Tate Rogers.

  • Employees are paid living-wages, with a company wage ratio around 1.2.

  • Full-time employees receive a half day of paid volunteering hours annually, which they use to volunteer in organizations like the Women in Water and Sanitation Network.

  • We have a tiered-rate system for disadvantaged clients.

  • The company’s financial and environmental performance are reviewed with employees on a quarterly basis.

Sustainable Development Goals

Triangle Environmental’s work supports progress in all 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a major emphasis on Clean Water and Sanitation (SDG6), Good Health and Well-Being (SDG3), Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG11) and Life on Land (SDG15). 

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